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2000/2500 Series

High-Efficiency Air Curtains

The all-new SchwankAir 2000/2500 series easily mounts on any door up to 11 feet high, creating an air seal that keeps conditioned air in the building and keeps dust, dirt and insects out. Combine multiple units to handle larger door widths.






Entertainment Venues


Cold Storage

2000/2500 Series Features

Varied Voltage
Available in 208 volts, 230 volts, 480 volts and 600 volts
Meets Any Application
Available in electric and water models for any type of application
Fits Any Space
Wall brackets and ceiling mounting points supplied for surface mount units, or choose an optional recessed air curtain model
Intelligent Controls
Easy setup, easy performance monitoring and easy integration with building controls

Conditioned air stays in, energy bills go down

SchwankAir Curtains create an effective seal using a precise laminar flow across an open doorway that creates up to a 90% air seal, like a waterfall, preventing outside air, flying insects or dust to penetrate the air curtain.

High efficiency air curtain, recessed design

You put a lot of effort into ensuring your décor looks great and attracts customers. With our recessed air curtains, you gain the benefits of an air curtain while maintaining the look that sets you apart.
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